What kind of “Buffet” are we talking about?

This site uses the Buffet™ educational system, a new take on online test preparation that lets students solve all the test questions they want; be they individual questions or full replicas of the tests for which students wish to prepare. Each student has access to the following features on every Buffet site:

Questions: Our students can select from any of over 2000 questions to solve individually, with an intuitive and fast-paced UI that helps speed up the sometimes long study process.

Storage: Every question, every test, and every result on the site can be stored for later review. Solve the same test twice to compare performances, or store each question that gives you pause!

Diagnostic Tests: From our database of 2000 questions, the Buffet ™ system can produce over one google (trillions and trillions) of unique exams. Compared to the 10 or so a book might have at most, this approach is nothing short of a revolution in test preparation.

Performance Review For each question and test taken on the site, statistics are collected on behalf of the student. Performance statistics, graphs showing improvement over time, and suggestions for areas which need the most improvement are all available in your performance toolbox to help you reach your goals.

Access to the Buffet Community With questions, unlimited tests, performance metrics and storage capabilities in hand, you’re all set in your studies, right? In the event a question gives you just too much trouble or a grammar point is giving you too much of a headache, the online Buffet community is ready to help out through a fully fledged forum with expert administrative support to help solve your problems.

And more! Each Buffet site has unique features, and SolutionBuffet.com is no different. Bonus features will be added periodically for subscribers to enjoy, and that may help users achieve even more than they thought they could.

GMAT is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council(GMAC). GMAC does not write, sponsor, or endorse this product. SolutionBuffet (c) and the Buffet(tm) educational system is owned and implemented by Sapiens, Sapiens Inc.