The Graduate Management Admissions Test or the GMAT is a graduate test for students intending to apply to business or graduate school. It was created and is administered by GMAC, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, with whom we have no relationship whatsoever.

The test currently consists of the following:

GMAT Test Section

Number of Questions

Question Categories

Time Given

Analytical Writing Assessment

1 Topic

Analysis of an Argument (AWA)

30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

12 Questions

Multi-Source Reasoning

Graphics Interpretation

Two-Part Analysis

Table Analysis

30 minutes


37 Questions

Data Sufficiency

Problem Solving

75 minutes


41 Questions

Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

75 minutes


90 Questions + 1 essay

10 Basic Categories

3.5 Hours


For more information on the basics of the test, head over to GMAC’s official site at:


We also recommend watching instructional videos located at, a partner site, for more information and expert instruction on this examination.


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